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Accounting Software from Pegasus

Pegasus Software is an award winning supplier of accounting, business software and payroll software solutions, with over 30 years experience. As a modular solution your system stems from the financial core of the software and you can add as many, or as few, additional modules as you wish to fit the requirements of your business.  
As a Pegasus Partner we can supply a range of business and accounting software solutions, which currently benefits over 20,000 small and medium sized UK businesses, we are fully trained to deliver support to the highest levels of service and strive to find the solutions that best suits your company.

In today’s competitive marketplace, older business solutions can obscure the information you need to allow you to make the right decisions.  
By using Pegasus we help you run your business more effectively and more profitably. All the management information you need is at your fingertips. It’ll even keep an eye on the day-to-day running of your business while you’re busy doing something more productive.

Finance Software

Pegasus Opera 3 Finance Software gives you complete control of your finances allowing you to manage your accounts efficiently and accurately. 
The award-winning software allows instant access to vital information and figures so you can analyse key statistics at any time – empowering the decision making process.

Finance Modules:

Sales Ledger 
Purchase Ledger 
Nominal Ledger 
Fixed Assets 
Multi Currency 

Payroll & HR Software

Opera 3 Payroll & HR Software has been designed to make the complicated processes involved in running payroll procedures as simple as they can be and automated wherever possible. The system meets the HM Revenue and Customers Payroll standard and Pensioner Payroll Standard and has been fully tested using a wide variety of scenarios and environments. 
​With a powerful Payroll & HR Solution your business will benefit from the integrated nature of Opera 3 as all information will be available within your system without the need for the re keying of data.

Payroll & HR Modules:

Online Filing Manager 
P11D Organiser

Service & Helpdesk Management Software

Opera 3’s Service Management software, part of Service & Helpdesk, is designed to maintain and renew maintenance contracts with your customers. Service Management Software provides end-to-end service and maintenance management, from quotes, orders and deliveries through to installations, contracts, services, breakdowns and billings. 
The contract information includes value, equipment covered, billing periods and renewal dates. You also have the ability to log all activities against a contract, such as service calls and site visits, so that you have a complete picture of your customers’ contracts, all in one place. 
Integration with TomTom Work also allows for vehicles carrying our service work to be tracked. This enables offices workers to send jobs and locations directly to drivers and these journeys and jobs can then be tracked and reported on so you have a clear picture of where your drivers are at any time so you can react to any new jobs that come in. 
Helpdesk Management works alongside the Service Management Software and provides a central location for recording details of problems, requests for changes to contracts/contract items, details of installation, preventative maintenance and allows for all helpdesk calls relating to these elements to be recorded, tracked and resolved. 
Furthermore, all maintenance work carried out in response to contracted work or as a result of a helpdesk call can be recorded by a PDA, tablet or online through a web form which feeds back into the service management software for maximum control.

Key Highlights: 
Service Level Agreement (SLA) call monitoring and engineer scheduling.
Equipment (Assets) Components, Variable Service Types, Warranty and Loan Equipment. 

User Defined Fields: add your own data and terminology to key forms.
Skills Matching, Service Areas and Fault Analysis, with comprehensive reporting capability.
Time, Expense and Parts Recording and Billing.
Complaints, Problems, Change Requests: full helpdesk and Knowledge.
Contracts, Period Renewal Billing, Pro Rata Charging, Planned Maintenance.
Installation Projects and Scheduling.

Document Management

Information is vital to any business; it's how you manage it that makes the difference. Document Management Software is a complete image capture and file management system that captures all your essential documents and stores them electronically, for instant access. The final transition to a paperless office is now a reality. 
Pegasus Document Management Software integrates seamlessly with the other modules of Opera 3 and will drive significant cost savings to any organisation. 
Document Management Software allows for a full representation of your key business information, from general correspondence to sales orders, supplier documentation including delivery notes, invoices and credit notes, job costing paperwork, such as time sheets and requisitions, and many other types of information. You'll never lose paperwork again.

"Document Management keeps everything in one places and saves an awful lot of paper" Shirley Harris, Managing Director 
"When we have our end of year audit, the Document Management facility saves time from my point of view and from the auditors point of view" Mark Hatchely, Finance Manager

Supply Chain Management

​Manage your sales, purchasing and stock with the Pegasus Opera 3 Supply Chain Management Software module for complete automation of the delivery of customer orders and effective stock management. 
With full integration to the other modules in the Opera 3 system staff can quickly and effectively find the information required to maintain customer satisfaction and to manage every element of the supply chain management areas of your business.

Supply Chain Modules:

Stock Control 
Sales Order Processing 
Purchase Order Processing 
BIll Of Materials

Business Intelligence Software

Analysing data empowers management decisions and ultimately leads to a more profitable business. With the powerful Business Intelligence Software features of Pegasus Opera 3 your business can access data quickly and easily either at a glance or in detailed reports. 
​Business Intelligence Software quite simply make reporting easy and allows the collation of real time information so that you can see at any time what is happening within your business.

Business Intelligence Modules:

Executive Dashboards 
Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM)

Accounts Software Integrated ePos

Pegasus Opera 3 with an integrated eCommerce software solution which allows you to trade online quickly and easily by utilising the stock records in your accounts software. This module gives your business and your products and services coverage online and can be utilised by business to business or business to consumer industries. With tailor made functionality that make full use of the stock integration with Opera 3 the need to rekey information is completely removed – saving both time and money. 
Orders are processed online and fed directly into Opera 3 making online trading simple, easy and accessible to all Pegasus users.

Key Highlights: 
Allow your customers to buy from every day and hour of the year.

Secure certificate ensures and safe environment for online purchasing. 

Links to the major payment gateways. 

Eliminate the need for the rekeying of data to save time and money.
Fully integrated with Pegasus Opera 3.
Many customisable options to meet your requirements.
Multi-currency support for worldwide trading.
Orders are processed quickly and efficiently.
Easily edit product information. 

Customer specific pricing (log in required).  

Construction Industry Software

It has been estimated that the average construction project suffers from 150% cost overruns and completes more than 175% late. Investing in the right software could help transform this into a more profitable proposition where projects are delivered on time and within budget. 
Pegasus CIS Software has been specifically designed for the construction and allied industries; providing complete control over all aspects of contract management, from costing and timesheets through to payment applications, VAT invoicing and cash receipt matching. Fully integrated to the Sales , Purchase and Nominal Ledgers , Cashbook and Payroll , Pegasus CIS Software conforms to the requirements and regulations of the Inland Revenue's Construction Industry Scheme. 
Pegasus CIS software recognises the complex business requirements of the construction sector, offering an unparalleled level of management control over contracts and sub-contractors. It integrates with Opera 3, Sage Line 50 and Sage MMS, posting to the Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Cashbook and Payroll.

"A system which is dedicated to monitoring resources, time, labour and materials represents a major advantage for a growing business such as ours. Pegasus CIS facilitates 360-degree visibility into our projects and frees up valuable time." 
Chris Dowson, Management Accountant, Howard Civil Engineering

"Pegasus CIS enables us to run our business better, freeing up time and making information more readily available so that we can make better decisions and focus resources on growing the business" 
Jerry Anderson, Director, Agripower Contractors

CRM Solutions

In today’s hectic business environment, employees need more tools and information to win new customers and manage existing customer relationships. With Opera 3’s CRM Solutions, you gain total control over customers and prospects, whatever your goal may be. 
​Opera 3's CRM Solutions is a fully integrated module of Opera 3 that gives you clear visibility into all stages of the sales process. From the first point of contact, you can manage prospects, convert prospects to customers, manage the customer relationship, report on their profitability and increase your business potential with them, all from one solution.

When your sales team is out on the road, it is essential to be able to manage SPM data on the move.  
CRM Remote allows users to work offline with CRM and other Opera 3 related data with synchronisation of the CRM data back to the main system via a virtual private network (VPN) or local area network (LAN) connection.

Pegasus Operations II Manufacturing Software

Pegasus Operations II is a manufacturing solution that has been designed for today's technology. It allows companies to excel in highly competitive and ever changing market places. It is built using Microsoft technology and fully utilises e-mail and web technologies, enabling businesses to actively leverage real business benefits. Where many traditional systems are reactive, Operations II is proactive, working as a valuable asset for any company. 
 Typical Operations II Customer 
Operations II is currently installed in companies as diverse as aerospace, automotive, electronic assembly and injection moulders through to precision engineering and jobbing shops. The product is a cost effective yet powerful manufacturing system that is scalable to many business sizes and can realise significant business benefits to customers. Operations II will be a very attractive proposition to those customers with the following profile: 
Turnover: £1- £10+ million 
Number of Users: 1-10+ 
Industry: All Sectors 
Number of Employees: 1-100+ 
Operations II is our manufacturing system that complements Opera 3. If you are a manufacturer, Operations II and Opera 3 offer you a complete business solution. 
What does Operations II do? 
Operations II enables you to define the Bill of Materials for items that you manufacture or assemble, together with its Routing through the shop floor. This information can be used to detail the costs associated with making this assembly, and can be printed as part of the WorksOrder/Routing pack that is sent to the shop floor to control its manufacture. It is possible to monitor how far through the manufacturing process any job has reached, how long it will take to complete and what the variance is between expected times and those actually recorded. 
Operations II allows you to process data from sales orders, through material requirements planning (MRP), purchasing, production, quality control and finally to delivery and invoicing: a complete production control system. 
Why should I consider purchasing Operations II as well as Opera 3? 
Control - telling the shop floor what is to be made, in what quantity and when to start the process. Operations II enhances your control by letting you know where you are in this process, how long it will take to finish, which components you have used or scrapped, whether there are stock shortages, and how much this has cost to-date. Operations II is designed to enable you to plan your work more effectively. 
What is the relationship between Opera 3 and Operations II? 
Operations II is a sister package to Opera 3. Just like Opera 3, Operations II consists of a suite of applications, which you can pick and choose from to meet your business requirements. Operations II directly links to Opera 3 so that credit terms are accessed, invoices are posted, customer, supplier and nominal accounts are updated. Direct integration of the accounting and manufacturing systems from one vendor provides a robust solution traditionally found only in larger and more expensive systems.

Why Operations II? 
Pegasus Operations II is a complete production control system that processes data from quotations, sales orders, scheduling, material requirements planning, purchasing, production through to final delivery and invoicing. WIP is monitored, jobs are costed, products are traced and quality is maintained. 
Used in a diverse range of manufacturing environments, Operations II transforms a hectic process, where profitability is on a constant knife edge, into a controllable and manageable proposition. As with Opera 3, Operations II can analyse facts, see trends developing and respond promptly to situations that can have a direct influence on your profitability. Operations II helps you manage your organisation in a competitive market place. 
Operations II offers real value for money and is widely accepted as one of the leaders in its market place; it has an impressive breadth of functionality that brings significant business benefits to the customer. These benefits can be attributed to: 
Cost Reductions 
Greater Margins 
Tracking and Tracing Stock 
Enhanced Customer Service 
Time Savings 
Wider Access to Management Information 
Competitive Advantage